Tacky Tourist Thursday

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From the cameras, to the fanny packs, to the crazy Hawaiian shirts, Northside students dressed awesome for the Tacky Tourist Thursday. Lauren Wilson, who has been featured in our winner’s every day this week because of her over-the-top attire, had Tacky Tourist written all over her with her outfit choice. She wore a Hawaiian shirt, fanny pack, socks with sandals, and had a big, clunky camera around her neck. She says that her favorite part of her outfit was her fanny pack because it held all her cool gadgets within. These cool gadgets include sunscreen, a map of Universal Studios, sunscreen, a mini-brush, mini- sewing kit, and a mini-mirror. Trevor Whittington, senior, came to school wearing a non-matching outfit and held a small suitcase that had “going to grandmas” written on the front. Trevor says that if he could tour anywhere, he would go to Australia. He says he has always wanted to see the Outback and go to the Sydney Opera House. Senior Daylen Stone wore a Kool-Aid Shirt, dorky socks, a safari hat, and a lei. He says that his Kool-Aid shirt was the best part of his outfit because it makes people want to smile. If given the choice to visit anywhere, he said he would go to Miami, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana, Tokyo, Japan, and Brazil.  Finally, Joey Goldman, junior, made us smile with his pink Ping hat, crazy buttons, mix-matched shirt, and camera. Joey says his favorite place to tour is Mars because the weather is nice. His pink Ping hat was his favorite part of his outfit because it “brightens everyone’s day.”

Don’t forget to wear your leis and hula skirts for Luau Friday!


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